BBSRC-HGCA Black-grass Resistance Initiative

Unravelling herbicide resistance in black-grass from gene to field

As the project develops summaries of project outputs -- such as scientific papers and outreach activities -- will be posted in this repository. We also hope to use this site as to archive data after completion of the project.

Research Outputs

Meetings and conferences

July 2017

Rob E was plenary speaker and Session Chair, N8 Agrifood International Conference, ‘Food Production for the Future’, Durham University, 12th July 2017

Rob E was Chair of the Farmer Scientist Network Workshop, Great Yorkshire Show, 11th July 2017, Harrogate

June 2017

Rob E was plenary Speaker on ‘New Applications for Mass Spectrometry in Crop Protection’, American Society of Mass Spectrometry, Indianapolis, 3rd June 2017.

May 2017

Nawaporn O, Andrea D, and Shaun C were invited speakers at the Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge conference 2017, Denver, Colorado May 14-18, 2017.

Rob E was plenary speaker ‘Translating crop research from lab to field: N8 Crop Innovation Pipeline Workshop.’ Newcastle, 2nd- 3rd May 2017.

March 2017

Rob E was the Lead Academic Representative in Agritechnology for an Innovate UK led mission to Canada, Building Canada-UK Partnerships in Agri-Tech: Scoping Mission to Canada, 20 - 24 March, 2017.

Rob E was an invited speaker, Global food Security Institute, University of Saskatoon, Canada, 22nd March 2017.

February 2017

Rob E was plenary speaker, at the session ‘Signalling, Cellular Trafficking and Systems Biology’ Plant Biotechnology Denmark, University of Copenhagen, 1st February 2017.

January 2017

Rob E was an invited after dinner speaker at the Agri-Innovation Conference ‘Sharing Ideas for Success’, co-sponsored by Defra, NFU, AHDB and the European Commission. York, 30th January 2017.

February 2016

Rob E gave a plenary talk at The Knowledge Transfer Network ‘Sensors in Agriculture’ meeting, Birmingham, 23rd February 2016.

Paul co-ordinated a 3 day workshop with 25 invited researchers in ecology and biomedical sciences to discuss wider resistance issues, herbicide resistance, the dose debate in herbicide resistance and to lead a horizon scanning activity. BGRI members, Dylan, Rob F and Andrea also attended.

David and Paul presented project updates to the UK Weed Liaison Group meeting held at NIAB, Cambridge.

January 2016

Rothamsted Research hosted delegations from BASF and a group of French farmers for an afternoon of talks and farm visits. David and Richard promoted ongoing BGRI research and herbicide resistance work.

November 2015

Helen co-ordinated the second BGRI Farmer Focus meeting at Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon, with several other BGRI team members also presenting (Paul, David, Catherine and Richard). See our news page for more details.

On 5th November, Rob F gave a presentation to an audience of around 250 at the Drones for Farming Conference 2015 entitled “Investigating the use of UAVs to map weeds”. Conference delegates included producers, representatives from industry, research and technology companies.

Rob Edwards spoke at the Northern Farming Conference in Hexham on 11th November 2015. ‘Crop Protection; from a reactive to a proactive approach’

Richard promoted the BGRI project and resistance issues in other weed species at meetings with the Nation Farmers Union West Midlands Arable Group and at a Chemical regulations Directorate meeting.

October 2015

Paul delivered a keynote talk on “Horizon scanning in weed ecology and evolution” at the Spanish Weed Science Congress in Seville, Spain.

September 2015

Resistance 2015, 14 -16th September: Rob Edwards did a talk on “new roles for glutathione transferases in herbicide resistance in weeds” and Catherine Tétard-Jones presented a poster on “Molecular phenotyping non target site resistance in black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides)”. Other members of the BGRI (Paul Neve and Richard Hull) also chaired sessions.

Paul gave a keynote talk at the Latin American / Argentinean weeds congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also gave a talk on horizon scanning for weed ecology and management at the University of Buenos Aires.

Paul attended the Bayer Crop Science, Global Herbicide Resistance Conference in Paris, with over 200 delegates.

July 2015

Great Yorkshire Show – Rob Edwards and Paul Neve gave a BGRI breakfast talk.

Paul Neve took part in a black-grass management and herbicide resistance Q&A with farmers as a part of the Agrii/CPM black-grass question time

June 2015

The BGRI team were on the BBSRC-Rothamsted stand at the Cereals event in June. Paul, Richard, David, Laura, Rob E and Dylan were all on hand throughout the event to provide updates on the latest research (including the national resistance audit), to talk about future plans and listen to the experience of those managing black-grass at the coal face. On the second day (Thursday 11th June), Paul Neve gave a brief update on the BGRI project at a BBSRC-hosted breakfast briefing. Look out for us again at Cereals 2016!

Richard Hull and Paul Neve attended the EWRS (European Weed Research Symposium) in Montpellier at the end of June (23-26th). Richard gave a platform presentation on ‘Multiple benefits of delayed drilling for Alopecurus myosuroides (black-grass) control’ and Paul also chaired herbicide resistance session.

May 2015

Richard Hull showcased the BGRI project at a ProCam black-grass event held in Huntingdon.

April 2015

David Comont presented a poster on the BGRI project at the “Agri Innovation 2015 conference: Emerging science and technologies in crop research” , in London.

Rob E gave a talk on “Scientific areas of interest and challenge” at the BioSynergy conference .

March 2015

Paul Neve, David Comont and Helen Hicks attended a number of HGCA Monitor Farm meetings to give project overviews and informal black-grass management discussions. Click here for more information on Monitor Farms.

Rob Edwards gave the annual Cameron-Gifford public lecture on “The changing face of crop protection in 21st-century agriculture” at Newcastle University.

February 2015

The BGRI hosted our inaugural Farmer Focus Group with a small group of participating farmers who will contribute to the project throughout the 5 years. Rob Freckleton, Helen Hicks and Paul Neve gave project updates and led discussions around approaches to black-grass management and future directions for research. See our news article, First Farmer Focus Workshop, on the news page for more details.

January 2015

Paul Neve gave an overview of the BGRI project at a BBSRC event during the Oxford Farming Conference.

Richard Hull talked on “Herbicide resistance: current status and future threats” at the AICC (Association of Independent Crop Consultants) annual conference, with approximately 150 agronomists in the audience.

Sept 2014

The BGRI held its first stakeholder meeting at ZSL in London. It was attended by representatives from 14 organisations. The day included research updates from each part of the project and discussion groups in the afternoon. See our news article, First BGRI stakeholder meeting, on the news page for more details.

Paul Neve attended a workshop: Building on a solid foundation: Improving knowledge exchange in arable farming. This was an event hosted by AIC, AICC, HGCA and Landbridge. His blog entitled Plugging the gaps in the knowledge exchange system can be found here.

August 2014

Rob Edwards: Plenary Speaker at the 13th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, Crop Environment and Public Health Protection Technologies for a Changing World, San Francisco. ACS-AGRO/IUPAC sponsored session: Modes of Action and Resistance Management.

June 2014

Paul Neve and Dylan Childs attended a Special International Workshop on Weeds and Invasive Plants.

Rob Edwards: Plenary speaker at an Association of Applied Biology Meeting on Breeding Plants to Cope with Future Climate Change at the University of Leeds.

May 2014

Paul Neve organised a 2 day European workshop in Frankfurt, Germany on Herbicide resistance in Europe: Challenges, opportunities and threats. Both Rob Edwards and Richard Hull presented at the workshop which examined current issues and challenges in resistance research management in Europe. The workshop included invited and contributed talks from researchers, practitioners and industry representatives.

A molecular basis for multiple herbicide resistance in black-grass (Robert Edwards, UK).

Is resistance to residual herbicides increasing in Alopecurus myosuroides (black-grass) populations? (Richard Hull, UK).

April 2014

International Workshop: Non-Target Site Based Herbicide Resistance in Grass Weeds

A team of representatives from the Black-Grass Resistance Initiative (BGRI) met up with members of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI, University of Western Australia) and Bayer Crop Protection team (Germany) at the Malaysian Campus of the University of Reading in Johor.

The workshop had the aim of sharing knowledge of recent advances in resistance work and a review of recent research findings including the genetic architecture of non-target site resistance and resistance phenotypes. The participants reviewed the effectiveness of control strategies and identified key challenges and themes which could serve as points of common interest.

Scientific Papers

Lambert J, Hicks H, Childs D, Freckleton R (2017). Evaluating the potential of Unmanned Aerial Systems for mapping weeds at field scales: a case study with Alopecurus myosuroides. Weed Research.

Freckleton, R., Hicks, H., Comont, D., Crook, L., Hull, R., Neve, P. and Childs, D. (2017), Measuring the effectiveness of management interventions at regional scales by integrating ecological monitoring and modelling. Pest Management Science. doi:10.1002/ps.4759

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