BBSRC-HGCA Black-grass Resistance Initiative

Unravelling herbicide resistance in black-grass from gene to field

News and Opportunities

  • Black-grass blog article in 'Botany one' 20 Dec 2017

    Hot off the press, the BGRI’s Laura Crook has written an article published on the Annals of Botany blog page “Botany one” this week. Entitled “Big problem. Big experiments. Big data”, it gives some insight into the scale of UK black-grass infestations and the work of the BGRI team in tackling this. Check it out at the following link: Plant Records: Big Problem. Big Experiments. Big Data.

  • Fourth issue of the Black-grass Bulletin 30 Nov 2017

    Here’s the Fourth installment of our Black-grass Bulletin, our project newsletter: Black-grass Bulletin

  • BGRI in the field, summer 2017 31 Jul 2017

    Rothamsted colleagues Laura and Richard have led the BGRI field-team to complete another year’s Black-grass field surveying earlier this summer. This involved revisiting our network of farms and surveying all fields that had either winter wheat or winter barley in them, approximately 75 fields in total this year.

  • BGRI team at Cereals 2017 16 Jun 2017

    Cereals 2017 was held at Boothby Graffoe on 14th and 15th June 2017, with the BBSRC-AHDB Black-grass Resistance Initiative showcasing results from the project on the Rothamsted Research stand.

  • Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge, a technician's perspective 31 May 2017

    In May this year I attended the Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge conference in Denver, Colorado, USA along with five other colleagues from Rothamsted Research. This was a great opportunity to showcase some of the research from the BGRI that we have been working on for the past three years and a chance to network with scientists working on herbicide resistance from across the world. This was also a particularly exciting trip for myself as technicians do not always attend conferences so I was grateful of the opportunity to be part of an international meeting and present my work.

  • AHDB/BGRI Black-grass Management Workshop 15 Dec 2016

    On 13th - 14th December, the Black-grass Resistance Initiative held an AHDB funded black-grass management workshop at Rothamsted Research. The workshop brought together 80 stakeholders including farmers, commercial agronomists, industry representatives, research funders, policy-makers and public / private research organisations to consider future options and perspectives for black-grass management.

  • BGRI at Black-grass Live 2016 20 Sep 2016

    In July, Bayer held its first ‘Black-grass Live’ event which consisted of a Question-Time style format with a chairperson and a panel of six experts to lead the conversation and answer questions submitted by the audience. BGRI member Richard Hull from Rothamsted Research was invited to be part of the panel and Laura Crook, also from Rothamsted, attended the event. As well as an audience of farmers and journalists, the whole show was streamed live on the internet for the public to watch.

  • Soapbox Science and Black-grass 10 Jul 2016

    On Saturday 9th July 2016, BGRI member Laura Crook from Rothamsted Research took part in a Soapbox Science event at Milton Keynes shopping centre. As part of the Soapbox science platform promoting the achievements of women in science, Laura took to her ‘soapbox’ for an hour, speaking to passing shoppers about Black-grass, herbicide resistance, and the importance of technicians in science.

  • BGRI @ Cereals 2016 17 Jun 2016

    Once again the BGRI team were out in force at this year’s Cereals event, held over the 15th and 16th June at Duxford. The BGRI plot on the BBSRC/Rothamsted Research stand featured wheat at four different levels of Black-grass infestation, demonstrating the different scales of problem encountered by our field team.

  • Welcome Alexa, the newest member of the BGRI team 22 Apr 2016

    From 1st May, the BGRI team has an additional member. Alexa Varah will be working with Ken Norris at ZSL to look at the environmental and economic impacts of resistance management strategies. This will involve building scenarios for resistance management and creating computer models to predict the likely impacts on farmland biodiversity, water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Third issue of the Black-grass Bulletin 29 Jan 2016

    The third installment of our Black-grass Bulletin project newsletter is here! Black-grass Bulletin Issue 3

  • Second Farmer Focus Workshop 08 Jan 2016

    The BGRI held its second Farmer Focus Workshop on 19th November 2015, in Cambridgeshire, kindly hosted by Paul Drinkwater. The aim of this meeting was to update on the various aspects of the project whilst hearing the farmers own experiences of black-grass control and their views on the BGRI project.

  • Welcome to the newest member of the BGRI 01 Sep 2015

    The BGRI has a new team member from the start of this month. Shaun will be developing mathematical models to understand how field- and landscape-scale processes influence the evolution of herbicide resistance.

  • Black-grass breakfast seminar 15 Jun 2015

    On July 16th, the BGRI team will be in Harrogate for a Farmer-Scientist Network hosted [Black-grass seminar] (/assets/news/FSN_Black_Grass_Breakfast_Seminar.pdf). The session will be chaired by Rob Edwards, and will include contributions from other BGRI members Paul Neve and Rob Freckleton. Come along to learn more about the BGRI’s research, and to discuss the opportunities and challenges in controlling this weed.

  • BGRI @ Cereals 2015 28 May 2015

    Come and see the BGRI team on the BBSRC-Rothamsted stand at Cereals next week. BGRI researchers will be present throughout the event to provide updates on the latest research (including the national resistance audit), talk about future plans and listen to the experience of those managing black-grass at the coal face. On the second day (Thursday 11th June), Paul Neve will give a brief update on the BGRI project at a BBSRC-hosted breakfast briefing.

  • Second issue of Black-grass Bulletin 19 Feb 2015

    Hot off the press! Here’s the second installment of our Black-grass Bulletin Black-grass Bulletin, our project newsletter.

  • First Farmer Focus Workshop 13 Feb 2015

    On 12th February, the BGRI held its inaugural Farmer Focus Workshop. Many thanks to all of the farmers who attended the event in Warwickshire last week. This first meeting provided an opportunity for the BGRI team to introduce farmers to the science behind the project and to seek their views on research objectives and priorities.

  • First BGRI stakeholder meeting 28 Sep 2014

    On Thursday 25th September the BGRI held its first stakeholder meeting. Representatives from 14 organisations made the journey to London to attend our meeting at ZSL – not only on the promise of a lunchtime pass into the zoo, but more importantly, to get updates from the BGRI team and to contribute to the project.

  • First issue of Black-grass Bulletin 23 Sep 2014

    Now that our summer survey season is over we thought we would take this opportunity to give you an update on progress. Here is the very first issue of the Black-grass Bulletin, our project newsletter.

  • Black-grass article in CPM magazine 20 Aug 2014

    Since the launch of the BGRI in June we’ve received some fantastic media coverage. Check out the following article: “Project promise on resistance conundrum” published in the August edition of Crop Production Magazine.

  • Summer surveying and seeds 10 Aug 2014

    After a busy field season mapping black-grass densities and collecting seeds, the BGRI team are now back in the office and the glasshouses preparing seeds for resistance testing and collating field management data. We would like to thank everyone that has helped to make this summer’s surveys and seed collection so successful!

  • Thoughts about Cereals 2014 13 Jun 2014

    The BGRI team are now back at work, after spending a productive, if somewhat hot and sticky two days at this year’s Cereals event in Duxford, Cambridgeshire. For some of the team, this was our first Cereals event, and it proved a great opportunity to meet and speak with farmers, their agronomists and the wider industry about the burgeoning threat from black-grass.

  • The new website is live 10 Jun 2014

    Just in time for Cereals 2014. Follow us on Twitter to find out more. For the moment the site just provides an overview of the project. As the BGRI develops though, it will act as a repository for project outputs. We’ll also be posting employment opportunities as they arise.

  • Welcome to the new members of the BGRI 01 May 2014

    Three new members of the BGRI have started this month. Together they will be overseeing the resistance audit and field-scale monitoring of black-grass densities across our netowrk of farms.

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